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From scheduling, and constant communication, all the way to the tech and their quality work, we were very happy with the experience. Highly recommend.

Chris G.

We had a great experience with Koch & White for a service visit of the furnace in our new house. Charlie arrived promptly, was extremely courteous and professional, and most importantly took his time to answer our questions with patience and detail. He also provided personalized recommendations for our needs and budget, so that we can continue to maintain and upgrade our home and invest in the equipment that makes the most sense for us and our energy profile. We will continue using Koch & White based on this great experience, thanks, Charlie!

Shireen S.

It felt like Devlin and his team really tried to go above and beyond to make sure the job was done properly and thoroughly. They were on time, they listened, they were professional, and they worked hard for 3 days to install a new A/C, furnace with humidifier, and water heater, all with surge protectors. The Ann Arbor mechanical and electrical inspectors came to inspect, and the electrical said in his 5 years, he never had a single problem with a Koch and White job. The mechanical implied in his 8 years he had a similar experience.

Timothy U.

Today the best electrician Rob and Greg came and replaced the defective dryer outlet and dryer hose which was burnt and damaged! They came to do the work in less than 7 hours requested! Fantastic work! We love this company, they keep all talents, and we are happy with all their work from generator, central air, furnace, and electrical work! Thank you!!

Iris H.

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