Air Purification and Indoor Air Quality

Many of our customers are concerned (as we are!) about the current pandemic events involving COVID-19 around the globe. We’ve had some inquiries on products that may help protect their families. While we don’t have data/testing results for coronovirus specifically, we do have previous indicators with regards to bacteria and even flu viruses. If you would like more information regarding your indoor air quality options please give us a call at 734-663-0204.

Koch & White would also like to let customers know that during this time we will be asking customers simple questions in regards to their current state (flu-like symptoms in yourself or family members in the home) as well as exposures to others that may or have been confirmed to be positive for the virus. We are taking every precaution to protect our employees entering customers homes as well as making sure our customers are protected by monitoring employee statuses at Koch & White. We hope you can understand the position that make service industries are facing at this time.